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Thanks again for everything! I would highly recommend your service. CTO - Fintech
Had a quick read, everything is perfect as expected, and explanations are really clear. Thanks for all your work on this one. Security Lead - Government Body
Report received. Downloaded and distributed internally. The level of technical detail in individual items is indeed nice: it's easy to read, and points to the exact root cause and the net effect. Thank you. Tech Lead - Betting Exchange
Thanks for the swift responses, pragmatic approach and detailed report. Lead Engineer - Fintech
I’ve worked through the report and am addressing each of the topics. The report makes the planning very easy. Thank you. IT Lead - Healthtech
It was a very smooth process for us and the daily feedback was fantastic and meant we were working on some of the issues in development while you completed the rest of your tests. I look forward to working with you again in the future! CTO - Cyber Security