Training project

The brief

A well established security company had expanded it’s team of penetration testers to meet increasing business demand. However the level of ability varied across both new recruits and existing team members. They needed to get everyone up to speed on the latest testing tools and techniques and fast.

The solution

As Mothax operates at lower utilisation rates, it means more time is available for research and development. Rather than focus on specific technologies looking for new vulnerabilities, this time is used to ensure our own testing methodologies include the latest published techniques. Using this knowledge, a training package was developed to cover the latest in network penetration testing. The training was delivered in two intensive sessions aimed at an already technically capable audience.

The result

The feedback from those who took the training was excellent. Even the more experienced testers said they had learned more efficient ways to use their existing tools as well as completely new techniques. The benefit of having a training partner who can afford more research time was not lost on the director who requested the training, who subsequently booked further sessions to cover web application testing.