Healthcare Technology Client

The brief

This innovative healthcare tech firm needed to provide their clients, including the NHS, that their product had robust controls to prevent the loss of very sensitive client and patient data. The technology in use was varied and not your typical enterprise targets. And as a thriving startup, they needed to get the most value possible from their investment.

The solution

Prior to testing anything, a thorough threat assessment on the companies assets was performed and a high-level strategy compiled for the clients ongoing use. Testing was then performed in line with this strategy and the client was invited to sit in at Mothax HQ while their applications were undergoing review. Additional resources were presented to allow the client to achieve a level of continuous assurance over their assets, long after the test was complete.

The result

The client had a report with some significant security improvements outlined, but also had been empowered with tools and skills to perform their own re-testing of issues and ongoing assurance over their product. “I think we’re in a much better position than before starting testing.” <- mission accomplished then!