5 Years!

I hadn’t realized until I got a notification via Linkedin, but this month marks the 5th year of trading for Mothax Ltd. It’s hard to believe that 5 years ago, fueled by a dissatisfaction in how security testing was being delivered, I saved up a few months salary and tried to do something different. It is fair to say that it hasn’t been easy. The first couple of years saw me taking in a lot of sub-contract work for established consultancies, as winning clients was harder than I had imagined. For a while I wondered if I was doing the right thing. But that stability meant I could equip myself, afford time to train and develop ideas.

Today I work with some great clients, all of whom I know so much better than I did in previous roles. Which means I can work with them, understand their needs, filter my research so it’s relevant to them. I maintain that independence from trade bodies and government schemes and can still claim I answer only to my clients.

A lot has changed in 5 years, both on a professional and personal front. I have two sons now, my “shareholders” if you will. And my work approach has evolved into a unique collaborative style, where the emphasis is on solving problems together with my clients and sharing knowledge whenever I can. Winning new business is still really hard in a competitive market where I am massively outgunned by huge marketing budgets and sales teams. What I know is, the clients I have stick with me. And while I can keep my “shareholders” happy, I will stick with them too.

Thanks to all my clients and all the great people I have collaborated with over the years.